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Welcome Page
Welcome to the homepage of <Charon> of Aerie Peak EU!

What is <Charon>?

Charon is a social/leveling guild in Aerie Peak EU. We opened our doors 15. May 2010, and we welcome all new players and old veterans (including alts, of course!) alike.

Why should I join <Charon>?
I could say that there are many reasons, but in the end, there is only one: people. Charon will provide you with other players to do dungeons, group quests, or just chat with. We do our best to try and provide an friendly, social atmosphere where you can truly enjoy yourself.

Can I  join <Charon>?
Sure! we accept players from all races and classes! The only thing we require from you, is that you must be polite, friendly, and mature (no, you don't have to be 18 years old, just don't act like a child)

Does <Charon> do X? (dungeons, battlegrounds etc.)
Do we do instances? Sure, if there are enough people online who are willing to do so. Just after the gear? yes, yes, you can ask for boost, just don't spam about it, and someone might be kind enough to run you through some dungeons. This same rule apllies to battlegrounds, quests, or anything, really -- if we got enough people online, and we are willing to do it, we might then just do it. Just remember to be polite and ask nicely!

I'd like to join, how does that happen?
Just send a /whisper to either Faldon or Ronx (if neither of us are online, you can just type /who Charon and pick someone, and send a whisper to him/her who will then pass this forward to guild chat, and at least somebody who can invite should be online.)
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IMPORTANT: I will be gone for some time

FaldonAP, May 19, 10 9:24 AM.
I (Faldon) will be gone for some time, like a month or so, -- meanwhile Ronx is in charge. His word is law. Anyway, once I'm back, I will start to actually manage the guild (it's basically non-existent at the moment, all dead n' empty) Hopefully at least some of you will stick till then, cause we will propably be rollin' around even when Cataclysm hits. (At least if it's up to me)

Website opened!

FaldonAP, May 15, 10 10:59 AM.
I've opened our website, it is still under construction (heavily) so basically only homepage works atm, feel free to lurk around, anyway. --Faldon
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